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Yeah, attacking a Charmed/Dominated target breaks Charm/Dominate. I think originally in POE1 it didn't, but was wayyyy to powerful.


It's still good. Just make sure you have good aim with any fireballs you plan on hurling in their general proximity. 


It's fairer that way.


Well, I am still a bit on the fence with the utility of the Charm and Dominate spells for the Cipher. Will a Cipher who won't run them be a drag and not a good character? Can't I just sit back and pew-pew with an arquebus and hurl debuff and nuke spells?



Sure. I barely use them myself. Consider them too annoying most of the time. Ascendant is a great class even without mind control. It's good to have the option, though.

On the other hand I frequently use Secret Horrors and Mental Binding for CC (but I play a Transcendant, so both the aoe and duration is greatly boosted).

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