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Hey! In hopes that the team looks over some topics.


I humbly request a unique hatchet! Lol. I just feel like the two we currently have kind of pigeonhole into certain builds. Nothing awful but I just want to have a hatchet with a fresh different direction. I'm not demanding it, just hoping.


Anyone else looking forward to a new unique weapon of their specific type that could perform with different builds than what they are sporting for currently?

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Arbalests, Crossbows, and most importantly, Wands, severely need some love (like, at least two more each).


Stilettos, Spears, Pollaxes, Pikes, Morning Stars, Hunting Bows, and Clubs could use at least one more as well.


Of course, don't add additional items unless they're interesting.


I'm just going to assume that the reason these got underrepresented was because most people don't/didn't use them, which may have showed in the telemetry. 

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