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Please, well-written dialogue be in!

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Sanitarium also had a great storyline. And there was the old old old game A Mind Forever Voyaging.

"For ourselves, we shall not trouble you with specious pretences- either of how we have a right to our empire because we overthrew the Mede, or are now attacking you because of wrong that you have done us- and make a long speech which would not be believed; and in return we hope that you, instead of thinking to influence us by saying that you did not join the Lacedaemonians, although their colonists, or that you have done us no wrong, will aim at what is feasible, holding in view the real sentiments of us both; since you know as well as we do that right, as the world goes, is only in question between equals in power, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must."

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We all seem to agree that P:T had incredible dialogue.


Do any other games spring to mind?

Fallout 1 & 2


"Gimme some Booze Flooze"


oh and we all remember the belching contest.. yes... yes we do.


also i seem to remember something about you being prisoner and when you spoke to this girl.. one of the options was a VERY VERY RANDOM..... i like donuts (or something very very similar) haha.. how funny is that ?

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The voice acting in Deus Ex wasn't especially good, or at least not very good in the main character's case.


I liked Deus Ex because of the great dystopic kind of atmosphere, all the conspiracies that you eventually uncover, and the crazy cyborg abilities you acquire by the end. The laser sword and the exploding agents were cool too.

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