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Unable To Name Island




I was exiting one of the dungeons on one of the unnamed islands.  I usually name the island after the dungeon name on the island.  I couldn't see the name of the dungeon because the name Island dialog came up.  I canceled out of it thinking that I could still name it afterwords.  I tried entering the dungeon again and exiting but was never prompted to name the island.  I have visited every island and completed the dungeon and have no unlocked the naming Island achievement I believe because of this.  I now have no way of ever getting that on my current save game because I saved after words.

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Hello C1derly,


Unfortunately if you exit out of the text box when naming islands it will default to the auto filled "Island Name" and display that on the island.  Just having completed the island and having the prompt should still count toward the achievement however.  We were wondering if you could send us a copy of your save file so that we could take a look at it and see what might be going on or missing and help get that achievement set up for you.  If needed, you can find instructions on where the save files are located here.  You can either provide a link to your save file via Dropbox or you may attach it to an email for us at support@obsidian.net. If you do email us, please link this post and mention your forum username so that we may identify you easily.


Thanks in advance!

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Hey Dynochrome,


I've poked the dev team to take a look into this again so they can see what's going on.  Would you be able to send us a copy of your save file where this issue is occurring?  If needed, I listed instructions on how to do so in the post above.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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