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[3.0 - Eothas Challenge] What happens when time expires? Also Challenges in general

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1)  Not sure if a bug or not, but I let the time expire on the Eothas challenge, and I am not sure what is supposed to happen next.


Currently after I let the time expired the clock just showed a negative time and keeps ticking from zero to -56 seconds when in an area.  I have a save right before the Egwithan digsite where there is some time left (16hours), and a save game with the clock ticking from zero to -56 at the digsite after I let the time expire (I went to the old battleground and did some searching until the time expired then went to the digsite).


I had assumed the quest fails when the time runs out but not sure how it works so am posting.  Here is the link to the save games:





2) Also, seen this posted before what is with some areas, some of the times not resetting after battle encounters?  I was in the sea cave playing solo and it was impossible as once I engaged the the first battle with the beetles it wouldn't leave combat mode - I also tried restarting, entering/exiting the cave and once it was loaded couldn't get the area to act normally.  Interesting it was like this until a started a new game today to see if I could recreate or at least post and give a comparison between the two saves.  In the new game I went to the cave it was acting normal, and then I loaded my previous game where there was an issue and it was acting normal now too :(  I can see how this would make Trial By Fire impossible if someone is in a large dungeon and they couldn't get the area to reset and behave normally - unless this isn't a bug - not sure.


Anyway, any feedback is helpful :)





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