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Serafen mentions Xoti's dreams after her quest



Hello everyone,


I noticed that Xoti and Serafen's dialogue didn't update properly the other day.


First, the two characters had a long discussion about Xoti's nightmares and Serafen not wanting to tell Xoti about what he saw in her mind. Then, I finished Xoti's quest convincing her to embrace the life aspect of Gaun, so that she doesn't have nightmares anymore. And then an ambient dialogue had Seragen ask Xoti about her nightmares, and she responded that she still has them. However, when talking to her afterwards, she thanks the Watcher for helping her not have nightmares anymore.


I know this isn't a big bug or anything, but I still thought I'd bring it up.


If you want me to upload a save file or an output log, I can do that  :)


Thank you!

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