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  1. Hello everyone, I noticed that Xoti and Serafen's dialogue didn't update properly the other day. First, the two characters had a long discussion about Xoti's nightmares and Serafen not wanting to tell Xoti about what he saw in her mind. Then, I finished Xoti's quest convincing her to embrace the life aspect of Gaun, so that she doesn't have nightmares anymore. And then an ambient dialogue had Seragen ask Xoti about her nightmares, and she responded that she still has them. However, when talking to her afterwards, she thanks the Watcher for helping her not have nightmares anymore. I
  2. Hello everyone, I just encountered an issue of sorts in the following random encounter in Neketaka. One of my crew members (in my case Eld Engrim) was being threatened by some people and I had the option to spiritshift to scare them off. When I clicked on that option, the text explained that my character grew fur and claws, however my Watcher is a Fury, so no fur or claw there. Maybe it would be possible to add a different text for this case? It didn't seem necessary for this problem, but if you need me to add save game files or logs, let me know!
  3. Hi everyone, Thank you for the advice. I updated my graphics driver and OS then tried to exit the observatory again, but the problem persists. Hopefully you'll figure it out! Best
  4. Hi everyone, I just encountered a bug where I can't leave Bekarna's observatory. Each time I try to leave, the game crashes back to the main menu and I get a message saying the game was stopped to avoid save data corruption. There are some spoilers for the quest's steps below. Steps I took: 1) Get to the Island of Bekarna's Observatory 2) Kill all Bannermen downstairs, loot them, and get the hints to solve the later puzzle. 3) Go to the roof of the observatory. 4) Defeat Concelhaut and his minions, loot everything. 5) It was already night, so I didn't have to wait. 6) Write d
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