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Man, I really don't like dumping Resolve...

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This is just kind of a mini-ramble, 


First off, I understand that Resolve is not the go-to stat that it was in the first game. It's not checked nearly as much, and there aren't as many (or any) quest resolutions that depend on having it be super high anymore. But gosh, I still don't like keeping it as low as most DPS builds recommend. Or even at "average" for that matter. I like having it at 15 at MINIMUM, up to 20, for a strong-willed to fearless character. Plus, while there aren't that many Resolve checks in this game, there are quite a few that are actually genuinely significant and cool. 


So, that more or less leaves me playing tanky characters - with a splash of Rogue, Monk, or Barbarian for a bit of extra damage. And I'm not against that, really. I've never really played a tank in these sorts of games. And I like being the lynchpin of the party, the one that the encounter is built around. With Unbroken, I can stack up engagements and fairly brutally punish enemies who try to disengage. But I still want to be able to feel 'powerful', you know? Like I'm contributing a respectable amount of damage to my party. I want to be near the top of the total damage charts of my party, with a respectable single hit damage. 


Furthermore, and the reason I posted this question here... Is tanking 'fun'? I've heard a few people describe it as set it and forget it, but I'm also one of those weirdos who kind of likes micromanaging their party, using abilities on my own terms and stuff. So I feel like I might enjoy it a lot more, in that case. 

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Resolve is pointless IMO, especially in POTD and if your playing SOLO, 6-7 deflection isnt really a big deal since you will naturally gain deflection as you level and get equipment. As far as I know, in POTD that 7 deflection doesnt really save you from monsters smacking you constantly. At the end of the day, you will rely on your classes talents to gain a higher degree of deflection. If you play smart, you won't really need to worry about getting hit too much unless its a stupid ambush event.


This leaves me to believe why the other stats are greater

Intellect- Buff Durations/ Summon durations - this is extremely powerful and can come in really handy. summons = meat shields = less damage taken = > resolve deflection

Perception- A lot of objects to interact with, secret passage to make life easier, and gain cool items, as well as be able to see traps = better accuracy = more damage

Dexterity- Action Speed/ Recovery Speed, being able to pull out more abilities and cast faster =  more dmg output =more survivability = faster reaction

Constitution- More HP pools, chance to not get one shotted

Strength - obviously damage and healing.


In other words, if you want a more intractable tank thats fun, you might aswell just go into constitution and dex/ intellect if they are going to be buffers and fighters. The best tanks wont have to worry about deflection to much, but will worry about armor rating, making pallies one of the best tanks. You might want to try Pally/Chanter (Herald) they have plenty of skills you can constantly dish out. Amazing Regen/Amazing armor, while being able to summon extra tanks (ogres) to help you fight



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A very tanky character can help themselves to some Resolve, sure. 


In my opinion a potent tank is fun in the sense that is reduces the micromanagement you have to do in most combat cases. You just send him/her alone and then poke them with what's left. 

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