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Hey guys, 


Wanted to share my idea for a pro-Principi gamestate - basically, choices that make sense for a character allied with that particular faction. Unfortunately, this more or less turned into a "Criminal Watcher" gamestate because there really aren't any Principi specific choices (Are they even mentioned in the first game?). So, I tried to make a Watcher who would logically side with them. 


Here's what I have for each choice. Warning, it's a bit of reading!


1. Hollowborn Crisis - This one was one of the hardest, because I tend to play characters in these games as very "Critical Path light", that is to say that they're not defined by the actions they take on the critical path so much as sidequests. 

-- Distributed the soul essence/Pledged to Galawain: This was a difficult one. I was tempted to go with Skaen's choice at first because a lot of the Principi seem devoted to him but A: The Woedica reward was dummied out and B: I prefer Galawain as a god a lot more. Skaen's choice also doesn't make a lot of sense from a narrative perspective. He's... wanting to empower the former Queen of the gods so that he has someone to rebel against? 

-- Destroyed Thaos's soul: This is more of a personal vendetta type choice. All of the other options for dealing with him seem to be easily reversible by Woedica in the long-term if she wants her puppet back. 

-- Absorbed Maerwald's soul

-- Supported animancy: There's really no reason not to support animancy if you don't care about the ethical consequences of it. 

-- Supported the Doemenels: Seems like a logical choice for the criminal, ne'er do well types. 


2. Companions: 

Most of these choices are incidental/no-brainers and refer to companions who aren't going to appear in the game anyway. Here's the ones I think will have the most impact on the plot. 

-- Sacrificed Durance: Since his main writer is gone, I very much doubt we'll see him in an upcoming expansion. I ultimately did this for the stat boost, but in context my Watcher would probably see it as a way to get rid of a potential rallying point were Rauatai ever to attempt to annex the Dyrwood. Flimsy, yes, but ultimately the reasoning is "Stat boost and he most likely isn't going to show up again." 

-- Eder: Skeptic

-- Aloth: Anti-Leaden Key, accepted Iselmyr

-- Pallegina: Disobeyed her orders. 

-- Devil of Caroc: Spared Harmke. This is ENTIRELY for the Breastplate. The justification in-game is basically "Yes, this one guy wronged you, but I'd rather not kill him AND his group of buddies. We can come back later." And then he ran away. 


3. White March

-- Kept the souls bound to the White Forge

-- Eyeless went to work restoring Abydon

-- Adaryc lived

-- Concelhaut and most of his apprentices died, but Uariki survived. 

-- Shared knowledge with Llengrath: My character would have no need for Concelhaut's phylactery, his goal isn't to live forever. And besides, having an ally of sorts on the Circle of Archmagi couldn't hurt, certainly. That said, since I'm playing a big tough pirate Barbarian/Rogue, it might make sense to kill her for the challenge of it. 


4. Gilded Vale: 

- Accepted coin from Wirtan for his silence

- Killed Raedric. This has less to do with my character's criminal background, more to do with the fact that, despite being a criminal, he has a certain line he's not about to cross. Killing your wife for the 'crime' of bearing a Hollowborn child crosses that line. Serafen says it best - the Principi are pirates, but making a habit out of killing is what gets people to fight to the death rather than surrender.

- Gave Aufra the potion, said it would help. 


5. Od Nua

- Reforged the Blade

- Killed the Master Below, didn't learn Scale-Breaker: This is another one of those "Personal decision" type quest decisions, like destroying Thaos's soul. The Master Below isn't willing to negotiate with you like an equal, which would infuriate this character. So, she dies. Plus it gets you a nice bit of extra dialogue when you talk to Llengrath. 


6. Defiance Bay: 

- Verzanno died, Danna Doemenel lived

- Lilith lived

- Caedman Azo died

- Gave the Theorems to Nedyn

- Absorbed the souls

- Convinced Fyrga that she was unfit for Magran's trials: I mean, she is, objectively. She can't do it herself so she makes you do it. 

- Infiltrated the Leaden Key: Probably through deception and non-violence. It makes a certain degree of sense for a Barbarian/Rogue to at least have SOME chill. 

- Killed Lord Harond: With the implication that Aelys is now living happily ever after somewhere, I guess. I wish there was more context behind this decision, because I'm pretty sure it's possible to free her, wipe her mind, THEN go back and kill the incestuous jerkoff. That's what my character would do. 

- Killed Nyrid, but Purnisc is still dealing svef. His wife might not be happy about it but, hey, I get a nice deal on some drugs. Can't beat that. Plus, it'd probably make them more money in the long run than... whatever it is he was doing. 

- Hid the Parable of Wael


7. Twin Elms:

- Took Vela and killed Simoc: I'm not letting a man turn a baby into magical Viagra. 

- Killed Rehstin and convinced Erona to kill herself

- Let the pale elves pass through the breach

- Allowed the Sky Dragon to stay and convinced Hylea to let her stay. This is, again, something of a choice based on personality, rather than profession. As a follower of Galawain, my character would argue that the Sky Dragon effectively earned her right to that nesting ground, and that calling on outside help when you can't deal with the problem yourself is a sign that you've effectively already lost. Plus, a bit of a soft spot for families with children. 


So, what do you think? Again, I'm just trying to make sure these choices are somewhat internally consistent. I don't like playing characters that have reputations that are all over the place. 

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Overall it fits with my pro-principi characters, without supporting the idiocy that is Rauatai.


I'd allow a bit more variation with the choices because it isn't out of the realm of humanity to fit all of the dispositions throughout their interactions.

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