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How have the investors in the $1,000 items done?

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It was clearly a bad investment from the start, regardless of how the game sells/sold.  I mentioned right in the beginning  that the console market was not part of the deal. Big from an investment side. Then you have to take into account the fact that many people essentially brought/paid for the game via a kickstarter and how many more of a target audience after that was there left. The figures weren't really there. Only way to justify it would have been that I'm gonna buy the game anyway, I like the company involved and I'd buy in at a high tier and so I may as well spend a bit more and potentially get something back... No serious investor would have touched it - pc only was a serious warning light...

Don't blame the devs though -the info was all there - one of the reasons people actually perform a due diligence before shelving out.  Re: comparing the games - I loved the first game, Deadfire, on the other hand I haven't even been able to finish once. Was not a fan of the direction they were taking from the start.... the game has improved since then, but still, not my  thing.

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