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Ship food and drik loss bug



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I have encountered a bug, when all the food and drink for the crew you have goes to 0 for no reason, although I've had about 1000+ units of food and. Not sure, but it may be connected to boarding battles. Am I the only lucky guy?

I've seen this randomly occur VERY rarely on map loads, usually when I'm loading a save.  I don't think it's the food going to down to zero, exactly, but dozens of days passing at once, as I'll see just my gold count go down rapidly if I'm off boat.


Think there's something going on with the time counter where it does the Pay/Feed crew check when it isn't supposed to and then gets trapped in some sort of loop.  I've also seen it once or twice while moving betweens zones on the map of a town (like Neketaka).


If I could get it to occur with any sort of regularity, I'd report it and send a save.  As is though it's just a SUPER rare bug I've seen and I since it's nearly always on a map load, I just reload the save and it clears up.

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