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Running a Warden (Druid-Lifegiver/Fighter-Devoted) in my party.


I specialize in Great Sword (Devoted)

I cast Firebrand.

I have -10 Accuracy (Devoted penalty)



So what is Firebrand? Description is “a powerful sword of pure fire” that requires two hands to use. Sounds like a great sword...


Is it a mace? A spear? A duck?


Someone please explain what I missing. Thank you!

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Odd. According to the game files, Firebrand has the proper item proficiency set. Not sure why it wouldn't be registering as a greatsword.


Anyway, the point is that it's a bug. Report it.

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It is indeed a Great Sword, also says so when you summon it and look at it's description. So should work fine with Devoted, and also with the modal. I just did a quick check and made myself a druid / devoted hireling with Great Sword proficiency, which got correct accuracy and use of modal for both spell and scroll Firebrand. And in the past I've had a main character with Great Sword proficiency who occasionally used scroll Firebrand; not devoted, but definitely used modal for that too.


So if it's a bug, it's not an entirely general one. Might be an issue specifically with your game files perhaps, I'd try verifying the game files for a start (if you're using Steam, that is).

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Just tested a Paladin/Animist with the great sword proficiency - and when using Firebrand I can trigger the Savage Attack just fine.


Also the Ring gives me +10 ACC which stacks with FoD's +10 ACC bonus.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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