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Spell reflection bug

Loren Tyr


I was experimenting a bit with spell reflection, and noticed that it seems to drain spells. When casting a reflectable spells at a character with active reflection, as it gets reflected it uses up another cast from that same level.


I have attached a save game set up to illustrate. From the save, I spawn a dummy somewhere to initiate combat, then have hireling Bob cast Minor Arcane Reflection. I then have Aloth cast Thrust of Tattered Veils at Bob. The initial casting of course uses up one of his level 1 spell casts for the encounter. However, when the Thrust gets reflected, Aloth's second level 1 spell cast gets used as well (this happens with other reflectable spells as well, at least those I tried; it's not Thrust-specific). Obviously this is with me casting at my own party member, but I assume the same would happen when casting at an enemy with reflection or vice versa.


Edit: just tried it against the Skeletal Wizard at the Engwithan Digsite, if he puts up Arcane Reflection and I cast Thrust against it, I get the same effect. 


I have the beta enabled by the way, but I'm not so sure that makes a difference in this case so I posted it here rather than in the beta forum.

Cyrion Ash (000c0880-b951-42d8-9a1d-acaf3dbf6fa6) quicksave.zip

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Hi Loren Tyr,


Thank you for posting about your Minor Arcane Reflection issue using an additional amount of the reflected caster's resource upon reflection. I've added your issue to our database for our developers to investigate. In the meantime, could you please verify that this occurs on our live branch build v1.2.0.0028 and provide us with a save file made from there?



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