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[Moderators, Please Move This Topic to Modding Threads] Further Companion Modding: UI Mod, is it possible?



I know there are a lot of new Classes and Subclasses mod for companions.

But is it possible to have something like D:OS 2 where you can choose every possible class for your companions? Which means, it should deal with UI modding since there are only 3 options that you have when getting a companion.

Also, can we mod the retrain function so it would call the screen / UI where the 3 options shown? So we could change classes?

On probably related topic, I play a little bit of Console Commands but I also haven't found the command to bring the UI when you get the companions for the first time. Do you guys know if there is a command for that?

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Sorry, it seems I posted this on the wrong thread. How I moved it to the appropriate one?


edit your original post title (using full editor) and add [Please Moderators Move this thread to .... ] or simple PM a moderator asking that.

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