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So, it's down to this... (Another Multiclass Decision Topic)

Which Multiclass Option Seems More Viable/Enjoyable?  

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  1. 1. Which Multiclass Option Seems to Best Fit an Assassin/Spy/Interrogator Type Character?

    • Melee Mindstalker (Soul Blade/Rogue)
    • Ranged Mindstalker (Ascendant/Rogue)
    • Shadowdancer (Shattered Pillar/Rogue)
    • Transcendent (Helwalker/Ascendant or Helwalker/Soulblade)

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So, after much brainstorming and figuring out what would be a really good fit for the character I want to do, I've come up with two multiclass options, with builds I posted on this very forum (Along with like, twenty others. I'm a builder at heart, I can't deny). 


First, a little about the character so you know what sort of aesthetic I'm going for. 


I like the idea of the consummate "Company Man," a soldier who is fiercely loyal to his faction's interests in the Deadfire, and thus supports them as best he can. Further beyond that, he's an intelligence expert with a penchant for spying, interrogation, and assassination in order to further those goals. This character is going to be loyal to Rauatai, though he could easily be altered to fit in with any Faction, given a few adjustments. 


The two options (Please forgive how rough the builds are. I've done this so many times... I'm very tired... send help)


1. Mindstalker (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103654-potd-mindstalker-ascendantrogue-the-gunslinger/)


So, this one's intended to be a ranged DPS Cipher... but I'm not really sure if that's really the best way to go about it. I've also considered a melee version with Soul Blade/Streetfighter and more Rogue skills, using Body Attunement/Psychic Backlash/Psychovampiric Shield to shore up defenses. 


2. Shadowdancer (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/103652-potd-build-shadowdancer-the-company-man-new-build-finally-feedback-appreciated/)


This one's a lot more direct, a Rogue/Monk that's a lot more focused on direct attacks. Seems a little more reliable than the Mindstalker, but a lot less fun in the long term. 


Right now, I'm definitely leaning toward a Mindstalker of 'some' kind, though i'd be interested to hear commentary either way.


Edit: It was recommended that I consider Transcendent as an option as well, unfortunately I don't have a build for that one. It's up on the polls though! I'll see about creating a build for it tomorrow. 



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