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Patch 1.2 has quite a few problems



So far the newest version is the most problematic one for me. In combats the frames occasionally dropped low, even crushed twice (both in a fight on Splintered Reef). My video card is GTX 1060, so it's probably because Nvidia, but the problem significantly worsened after the latest patch.


During the sea combat before entering Ukaizo, after beating the enemies on board (hand to hand combat, not the description of text), the screen goes black with the combat music still going on. Tried several times, the result is all the same. Now the only way to proceed is to skip the combat, leaving the ally to defend themselves.


Xoti's Long Pain has become an unchangeable fixed weapon. The combat ended many days ago and I've rested lots of times, the Long Pain is still there. It's the main hand weapon but the off-hand is unchangeable, too.



The game is still playable, but I hope the issues will be addressed.






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Hi wuthering20,


I'm assuming that the save files that you've linked all can be used for the 3 issues you've listed here? Regarding the Splintered Reef crashes, we'll need you to provide your output log file generated from the crash. Also, could you tell us which specific scene you encountered this issue in as well as what enemies you were fighting when the crash occurred?


As for your pre-Ukaizo sea combat, could you tell us which Ship Captain you boarded and attacked? Also, we'd like to know what Faction you sided with and provide us with a save file specifically right before entering the Ukaizo storm fleet battle sequence on the World Map.


And lastly, we'd like a save specifically with Xoti's Long Pain issue occurring.



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