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To the person at Obsidian who made the decision to nerf figurines

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Can you please post your address on this thread so i can mail you a bouquet of flowers?


This would have to be 100% the best balancing  decision you at Obsidian have ever made.


Before the nerf i just put up a wall of monsters to act as a buffer from protecting my party from damage and crowd control spells  just about every fight. It was incredibly effective and it made me lazy. Every fight was just summon monsters, buff rinse and repeat.


Now that i dont have that luxury i have had to be more inventive and fight more Intelligently to win battles. I have found that i am using spells, new combinations and abilities that i have never had to use before. I am finding that since the nerf I am using alot of spells that focus and crowd control and debuffing that i would never have used before.


Absolutely great decision and thankyou so much for this smart move.


Now all you have to do is fix Paladins and you are back in my good books.

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