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Champion of Magran - Priest of Magran/Bleak Walker (Priest/Paladin)

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Hey guys welcome to my Pillars of Eternity 2 min/max item and build guide! Today im going to be showcasing a build which uses the Priest and Paladin subclasses "Priest of Magran and Bleak Walker". 

This build mixes the best support spells and abilities from Priest/Paladin with their strongest fire based spells to make a strong flexible support. It can reach upto +5 Fire PLs, +2 Resto PLs with +65% healing done.

It can work both as a strong frontline tank by equipping Lethandria's Devotion (Shield) in the offhand, or add some more damage by going Sun and Moon which adds + 2 Fire Power levels during the day. 

It offers a wide variety of AoE fire spells and Flames of Devotion (Shared Flames) will add a substantial dps increase to the rest of your party members.







The Paladin has pretty good defenses from Deep Faith/Divine Purpose and Aegis of Loyalty removes Int afflictions so dumping Resolve is fine. 


  • Might 18
  • Constitution 13
  • Dexterity 10
  • Perception 14
  • Intellect 20
  • Resolve 3

Role: Support, Tank, Healer, Buffs


Race: Nature Godlike (Head): Wellspring of Life: While under the effects of a Might, Constitution or Dexterity Inspiration, gain +1 Power Level.


Level progression:


  • Level 1: Fan of Flames/Holy Power/Flames of Devotion/Lay on Hands
  • Level 2: Deep Faith
  • Level 3: Restore
  • Level 4: Spiritual Weapon/Withdraw/Zealous Aura
  • Level 5: Divine Purpose
  • Level 6: Holy Meditation
  • Level 7: Ray of Fire/Consecrated Ground/Shared Flames
  • Level 8: Aegis of Loyalty
  • Level 9: Combat Focus
  • Level 10: Shining Beacon/Triumph of the Crusaders/Exalted Endurance
  • Level 11: Devotions for the Faithful
  • Level 12: Scion of Flame
  • Level 13: Flame Shield/Revive the Fallen/Practiced Healer
  • Level 14: Searing Seal
  • Level 15: Rapid Casting
  • Level 16: Pillar of Holy Fire/Spiritual Ally/Spell Resistance
  • Level 17: Minor Intercession
  • Level 18: Salvation of Time
  • Level 19: Torrent of Flame/Minor Avatar/Sacred Immolation
  • Level 20: Storm of Holy Fire





Max Athleticism for Second Wind




Max History for The Giftbearer's Cloth Steward of Memories: +5 All Defences except Deflection ( Increases with History skill)


Weapon Proficiencies:


  • Flail
  • Axe
  • Sword
  • Medium Shield




  • +5 Fire Power Levels from items/abilities
  • +2 Restoration Power levels, 65% healing done, +X Health Every Y sec coupled with good healing spells
  • Strong Support: Flames of Devotion (Shared Flames), Buffs/Heals/Revive
  • Good Item/Classes Synergy
  • Decent AoE damage from a support
  • Flexible All Rounder



  • Very Reliant on other team members to utilize the party buffs
  • Jack of All Trades Master of None
  • More likely to get interrupted then a backliner (Has 2 Stacks of Concentration though)
  • Beeing a Priest/Paladin limits conversation options if you want to max favored dispositions (Aggressive, Cruel, Clever)-
  • Sun and Moon only good during the day







  • Main hand: Magran's Favor: Fiery Core: +2 All Fire Power Levels 
  • Off hand 1: Sun and Moon: During the day, wielder receives +2 Power Levels for Fire attacks. 
  • Off hand 2: Lethandria's Devotion (Shield): Sheltering Light Aura: Allies within 2.5m regain 3 Health per 6s, +5 All defenses except Deflection. Captivating Crystal: Recieving Crits from melee attacks has a 50% chance to cause confused on attackers (upgrades to charmed on crit)
  • Alternatively you can pick up Nourishing Light (+1 Health every 3 sec at night) instead of Sheltering Light  and use Lethandria's Devotion at night and Sun and Moon during the day.
  • Off Hand 3: Griffin's Blade: Hound's Courage: 10% Damage with Spells, + 5 Will. Alternative til Sun and Moon during night.



  • Helm - Nature Godlike (Head): Wellspring of Life: While under the effects of a Might, Constitution or Dexterity Inspiration, gain +1 Power Level. 
  • Helm 2 - (If not going Nature Godlike) Rekvu's Fractured Casque Immortal Will: Grants Immortal Will (wearer is immune to interrupts while injured) 
  • Neck 1 - Heart-Chime Amulet: Nature's Shelter (Nature Godlike Only): Only take 85% Damge when Flanked or suffering from Body Afflictions 
  • Neck 2-  Bone Setter's Torc: Anatomist: +15% Healing done, 10% of Hits converted to Crits with weapons 
  • Chest - Hearth Defender's Scale: Family Bond (Aura): (On Companions) +1 Armor +4 To all defenses (except deflection) if Postive Relationship, +2 Armor +8 To all defenses (except deflection) if Very Positive 
  • Chest 2 - Furrante's Breastplate: Vigilance (Grants Concentration at start of combat). Vigorous Protector (Aura): Allies takes 10% less dmg wearer takes 10% more dmg. Love of Life (Aura). Increases healing done to all nearby party members by 10%. 
  • Ring 1 -  Ring of Focused Flame Focused Flame: +10 Accuracy with fire attacks 
  • Ring 2 - Halgot's Warmth Warmth: +1 Priest Restoration power level Burn-Proofed: +2 Burn Armor Rating 
  • Boots -  Footprints of Ahu Taka Divine Inspiration: +1 Casts with Level 2 Priest Spells Graceful Motion: +2 Dexterity Path of Mercy: +15% Healing done 
  • Belt 1 - Physicker's Belt: Healer's Touch: +10% Healing done, +1 Alchemy 
  • Belt 2 - The Maker's Own Power: Reforge the flesh; The wearer transforms into a stationary pillar of steel, reducing incoming damage and restoring health 
  • Gloves -  Woedica's Strangling Grasp Strength of the Oathbound: +2 Might Choking Vengeance: Grants Garrote Twice Burned: +3 Burn Armor Rating 
  • Cloak - The Giftbearer's Cloth Steward of Memories: +5 All Defences except Deflection ( Increases with History skill) 
  • Pet - Pet - Nalvi (Dog): Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) - Party Wide



  • Potion Of Ascension (+2 All PL's)
  • Coral Snuff (15% action speed, +5 Deflection, +5 Reflex)


Core Abilities:


  • Flames of Devotion (Shared Flames): Calls upon the paladin's inner fire, causing their equipped weapons to burst into flame as they strike, and adding Burn damage to the attack. (Bleak Walkers) - Flames darken and apply the Sickened Affliction. (Shared Flames) - Nearby allies receive a  smaller version of the flames' effect.
  • Storm of Holy Fire:  A terrible rain of fire falls in the area of effect, repeatedly inflicting Burn damage on all in the area of effect.
  • Minor Avatar: The priest gains a supernatural glow as he or she is infused with power. As a minor avatar of their deity, the priest gains bonuses in all Attributes, Health, and weapon damage.
  • Holy Radiance: Creates a field of holy energy around the priest, dealing Burn damage and applying Shaken to any vessels in the vicinity while regenerating a modest amount of Health for allies. The power of a priest's Holy Radiance is modified by how well his or her Reputations align with the preferred behaviors of his or her faith.
  • Lay on Hands: Fueled solely by belief, the paladin is able to heal with the touch of his or her hands, recovering a substantial amount of Health for the paladin or an ally within range.
  • Zealous Aura (Exalted Endurance): Fills the paladin and his or her allies with unshakable confidence, increasing their Armor Rating. (Exalted Endurance) - Now also provides allies with a constant regenerative effect.
  • Aegis of Loyalty: The paladin's melee attacks remove Charmed, Confused, and Dominated Afflictions from party members.
  • Scion of Flame: +1 Penetration with Fire attacks
  • Sacred Immolation The paladin focuses their faith and self-immolates in blue flame. Each time the spell pulses, enemies in the immediate area take Burn damage, while the paladin will receive a portion of their total health in Raw Damage. (This damage can kill the paladin
  • Revive the Fallen Grants fallen friends a second chance, reviving unconscious allies in the area of effect and restoring a small amount of their Health.
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