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Can't complete "A Shrewd Proposition", and other stuff



I'm done with Crookspur and I will now need to speak to Aeldys. The quest addendum said to talk to her at Fort Deadlight, but she is already the leader of the Principi and she is now in Dunnage. No dialog to trigger the quest completion. I also went to Fort Deadlight, and as expected, she is not there.


Another thing, my character has the Thaos's Headress buff, but no one in my current party is wearing it. Aloth is wearing it, and he is at my ship. See screenshot here https://i.imgur.com/NGTuiXf.jpg


dropbox link to save file

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Hi boybrushdRED,


I've added both your issues about not being able to complete "A Shrewd Proposition" under certain circumstances and Thaos's Headress buff being present without having the equipped companion in your active party to our database for our developers to investigate. In the meantime, could you provide us with you save files for both of these issues?





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