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So I had this crazy idea, this morning and I want help from you all.

I had the idea to release a new pack "Pirate Pack" with some new items:

- Woden leg (unique boot)
- Hook (unique glove/ gauntlet)
- Pirate shirt (unique clothing)
- Pirate hat and eyepatch (unique hat)

- Parrot (unique trinket or maybe a pet?)

This could be done with some icon already existing in the game, but could be nice if someone could do new icons.

Maybe if all items are combined (character is using all items at the same time) could unlock a new ability/ itemmod? Maybe a visual effect too.


To make it balanced:

- Woden leg can apply a reduction on stride

- Hook can apply a reduction in accuracy

- Hat and eye patch can apply flanked

- Pirate shirt maybe is just a cloth with zero armor rating



What you think? I can try to implement this (not the icons) but I want to hear your ideas.

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