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Today I tried to get negative reputation with Principi and I'm sure that in previous game version you can get  reputation lower than -3 

Correct me if I wrong, the number which you see in reputation tab is sum for negative and positive reputation i.e |1| + |-1| = 2:

If you see blue line, then you have only positive reputation
If you see purple line, then you have both reputations
If you see red line, then you have only negative reputation 

When you help you get positive reputation
When you kill fraction guys you get negative reputation 

Sound easy right ? :D

OK let's do simple test I loaded my save game before Neketaka (+3 reputation with Principe), Then I killed that guys which ambush you while delivery boy quest and ... I get 2 purple reputation WTF ? This quest lower my positive reputation by 1 point ? OK ... I killed all guys in Dunnange, Crypt, Deathlight and my reputation ... and my reputations became 3 purple, I killed 3 Principi bosses and maybe get -1 reputation ? WTF

Let's do one more test (just watch video bellow), we started with +4 positive reputation, then we get 5 i.e (+4 positive and -1 negative) and then  we can't lower reputation futher


BUT if you kill Neketaka guard (I'm started with +1 Neketaka reputation) you will get -2 reputation

I'm  also developer and I understand when you get 200 damage with poison, OK wrong Math :D I'm understand when you get 75% damage reduction for armor, OK this system can be modified, just change multiplier 

But i doesn't understand how killing 3 guards give you -2 reputation, but killing entire fraction can give you -1 reputation, look like very funny bug 

Sry for my English

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Solo PotD builds: The Glanfathan Soul Hunter (Neutral seer. Dominate and manipulate your enemies), Harbinger of Doom (Dark shaman. Burn and sacrifice, yourself and enemies for Skaen sake)

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