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1200cp for kicking Gailian out of the room

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I'm trying to get an idea of the "value" of a pire, and this quest always feels disproportionately rewarding. Now, if someone wants to say it's just meant as an early game cash boost, I accept that, gameplay decision yada yada. But if you want to call it appropriate payment and nothing else, read on.


A few examples come to mind. Firstly, we have Bertenno, Fassina's trystbuddy. He owes Stoneheel 400cp. This makes him desperate enough to steal from Arkemyr's shop, because a 400cp debt is bad enough that Stoneheel would force him into "indentured servitude", the longer way of saying slavery. Of course, Stoneheel might just be cruel, but if I can get 1200cp for convincing a guy to leave a room he isn't paying for, it shouldn't be so hard for Bertenno to make 400cp.


And let's take Iverra, the Vailian scientist being smuggled into RDC's service. The smuggler (name eludes me) takes her from an unknown point to some location between Neketaka and Sayuka where we meet up and the crates are transferred to my ship. She agreed to do this for 1000cp, even if she'll try to charge you double. So for all the time, effort and risk involved in smuggling, she wants less than I got for throwing a drunk out of a room.


A four star crew member makes, what, 4cp a day? So I got almost a year's wages for a highly skilled sailor... for kicking Gailian out of the room.


I think if I just shrug the Gailian deal off as an early game cash boost, everything else makes sense. Still, I wanted to raise the topic, so make your thoughts known.

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Yes, it's a stretch, but so are many of the monetary systems. 


I think the worst offenders are probably in the prices for food and drink. 

An expert sailor can work for weeks and not have enough for a days worth of Pork cutlets and Rum. 

Certain cooked meals cost more than cannons in their packing cases. 

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