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Random frozen screen every 5 minutes





I am not the only one having this bug, when I have a look on this forum & google, but unfortunately no solution/fix seems available right now.

Symptom: When I start the game, very quickly, the screen freezes, but the game is still reactive (I can continue dialog by clicking on space key, sounds & musics work fine, the mouse is responsive...).

It is really frustrating, as it is not yet possible to save my game at this moment, so I am totally stucked. 


My configuration:

I am using a Shadow PC: https://shadow.tech/usen/

Intel Xeon CPU E5-2620 v4 @2.10Ghz

12 Gb RAM

GeForce GTX 1080, drivers 398.11


In attachment:

my game graphical settings

game logs

my details pc configuration


Thanks in advance for your help, as I am totally right now to play this game. :(




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Unfortunately POE2 is one of those games with this freezing issue. There are several other games out there and some users are suffering from this same problem. Developers tend to ignore it due to the fact that only a small number of users is experiencing this. There is also a blaming game going on between developers and Nvidia. Nvidia can tell you this is game related issue and develoepr must solve it. Developer can tell you this is something with your hardware or Nvidia drivers.


My advice - make waves, report it to Nvidia here. 




Or you can send a message to Nvidia customer care.

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