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Deflection stacking after 1.1

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Casita's Legacy still worthwhile? How about Cadhu? Any other gear I should put on my tank?



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Well, if truly stacking defenses to the max, I like the bloody links armor that is available early. It is cheap and provides +5 to all defenses when bloodied. The bloodied part doesn’t matter if the extra defenses causes you to be unhittable when you reach half health.

“Effect when Bloodied” is kind of the new replacement for “effect when critted” that was a prevalent strategy in POE1. Only, instead of minimizing deflection you still want to max it. There are a few items that get better when you lose heath and some increase defenses significantly making them work well with a tank. Then there are things like streetfighter who really want to bloodied and a wizard spell that provides huge bonuses when bloodied and the human racial that provides benefits. Stack them all together and a “purposefully bloodied” build can come together.

For shield, there is a large one that provides up to 20 bonus deflection, based on remaining health. That one can potentially be stronger and doesn’t require dumping all your skill points into athletics. Also gives you the smart inspiration for some extra INT.

Problem with buffing intimidation is that you are not buffing history for the giftbearer cloak.

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