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Poko Kohara. To the northwest there's a well. You can send a character down the rope to grab a sack of gems. The sack will slip or something and some gems will fall out. You can try to save them, but even failing that you'll get 3x Velune and 1x Emerald if memory serves.


For going down the rope you need to pass an athletics check, don't know the requirement. For saving the extra gems I believe you need 12+ dex.


Yeah I know this is super specific but hey it's the only emerald I can remember :D maybe Captain Henqua's treasure? Talk to a bounty hunter at the Radiant Court in Dunnage. Her marks will each carry a piece of a treasure map, and the treasure definitely has gems in it. Can't recall which.


Also in southern Serpent's Crown (or whatever the top district of Neketaka is) there's a vendor specialized in gems and jewelry.

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There are 3 hidden under a pillow near the “right eye” part of Drowned Barrows. Also 1 in Captain Henqua’s treasure

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