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[mod release] The Lone Polymath—trinket buffing skills for soloists

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The Lone Polymath is now available at the Deadfire Nexus.


This adds a trinket (and an identical ring for grimoire lovin' wizards) intended to help those soloing tackle skill checks without the benefit of party assist.


I really want to do an item that instead multiplies skills, but there's no "SkillMult" or "SkillAllMult" status effect types that I'm aware of (trying to add a skill's value to itself resulted in numerous violations of the time/space continuum and shan't be discussed further here  :wacko: ).


The Lone Polymath is a cheat and/or a tool.  It's ridiculously overpowered and yet not really enough.  Do with it as you will.


Thanks to @peardox for the post in which numerous function names were revealed, including Boolean IsAnyCompanionActiveInParty() which is exactly what I was looking for.  (As anyone who has been crestfallen at how the

Ring of the Solitary Wanderer's Lone Wolf

"loner" ability of some items are defeated by the simple addition of a pet or animal companion has indirectly learned, the Boolean IsAllyCount(Guid, Single, Operator, Int32) function has no filter.)

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