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How to permanently dismiss a player made NPC?

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So I needed some extra hands against the dig site fight. Immersion wise this was ok, sometimes we just need a greater party to do something right? Even in D&D, there are sometimes NPC's that help us. Anyway, how can I kick my created adventure permanently? Am I killing it the only way? I like to see this situation like someone that I hired for a single mission.

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Start a discussion on politics or other sensible topic. Somebody will leave. Or die.


Edit: if it is about religion, Pallegina might help you. ;)

I'm dying. 


They're not wrong!*cackles*


Although depending on HOW we're talking about religion Pallegina might end up on THEIR side so...maybe don't go with religion....That could end....badly for you.


On topic. As far as I know the only way to get rid of them is for them to die.

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