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Psychic Backlash triggered at any dot dmg: permastun





"Psychic Backlash", cipher's passive, can permastun a character using dot damage on the enemy cipher.


I tried with these sources:

weapon proficiency: Bleeding Cut;

on crit: blood frenzy;

abilities: I tried with the rogue's;

consumable: poison and bombs.


PS: Just because talking about cipher :p ... I recruited Ydwin as single class rogue, she still has focus, and can build focus.








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Guest Psychovampiric Shield

And while you are at it, please also make it so backlashed cipher does not backlash a cipher that backlashed him first:




See, Beina (apparently priest/cipher) dropped Interdiction on the party (will attack);  the watcher lashed back at her and got in turn backlashed by Beina. Ydwin missed with backlash and thus avoided counter backlash.


EDIT: might be also done this way: disabled (stun/para) cipher does not backlash, which would make sense.

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