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How to change the amount of max/starting focus for cipher subclasses?

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There are two ways:

  1. There are two passive talents that gives +10 Focus each. You can also use that or the Ascendant Passive that scales or the Soul Blade passive that recudes Shred powers cost by 5 as a basis.
  2. Or you can simply change in Globals.gamedatabundle the Cipher field at "ClassResourceConversionRates" from 10 to the number you desire.


     "ClassType": "Cipher",
     "Ratio": 10

I believe this changes the cost of the cipher powers to be 10 * Power Level of the spell. I don't know if that will reduce Cipher Max focus if you decrease the cost.

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I think that conversion rates table only applies to focus granted by an AddResources status effect.  Unfortunately, it looks like starting focus is hardcoded to 1/4 of the max, and the max is also hardcoded as 20 + 10 * Level.  I'll note that we need to expose those numbers.


You could increase the max Focus by a fixed amount, but you'll need to do something a bit more hacky.  You could create a new status effect of type "MaxFocus" with the "Value" you desire, and add that status effect to the "Soul_Whip" ability (on its "StatusEffectsIDs" list).


EDIT: These values have been added to FocusTraitComponent in v1.2.0.

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Thank you so much for the answers, BMac and Kohwalter!


If I could reduce all ability costs like Kohwalter suggested, it would achieve quite a bit of what I desired.

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