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See general transformation - Miss / Graze / Hit / Crit




It is more a proposition, not really a bug.


There is a cool thing in Tyranny : you can saw the % of transformation for each step.

It would be really cool if in Pillars that would be the same thing ! :


For found bugs or even generally a better comprehension of stacking rules.




EDIT : If there is a diminushing return, it is the good place to learn the true %. Like :


30 % + 10 % = 40 %.... 


or 37 % ?


This means that chances are mutiplicative with each other. That means that the more of them you stack the less meaningful the individual conversion gets. 10% conversion and 30% conversion, rolled one after another leads to 37% this way, not 40%. It also means you can never reach 100% just by stacking a lot of the same conversions.


Quote of Boeroer in another topic.

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