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Main Menu vs. DLC UI window

Ethics Gradient


Some minor UI weirdness in the new 1.1 patch.


I suppose the Free DLC info was unlikely to collide with anything in earlier versions, but now that it shifted over, the menu seems to be layered somewhere between the tooltip box and the tooltip text.


Also, the Free DLC window doesn't seem to think the Beard and Hair pack is installed, even if the version number in the top-right of the menu would indicate that it is.zjl4YXW.png

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Click on "NEWS" and the panel will close centering the POE2 panel.


You need to download the dlc before it shows as available.

Yes, I'm aware of both.  This post is more of a followup to earlier UI issues discovered in the 1.1 Beta.  Things may have been fine pre-1.1, but there are some minor oddities now that UI elements are sliding around the main menu.  The problem isn't that menu pieces are moving around, it is that they are interleaving rather than being drawn under/over each other.


The Hair and Beard DLC did eventually get a check box (not sure what changed), but now it is simultaneously installed/not installed. Per the version number in the top-right, I'm running the same LAXABE set of expansions as in the earlier screenshots. :shrugz:


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