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Hunting Season Reputation Bug

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Greetings Obsidian Team,


when the druids attack Sayuka at the beginning of the quest "Hunting Season" your reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company is negatively affected.

This seems to be a bug. Sadly I overwrote my savegame directly prior to the bug occuring but I was able to reproduce it when it first occured and seemed to be clearly linked to the quest. (I retried the fight because I thought I probably injured some Rauataian soldier but the same negative reputation modification occured.)




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Now I know when I got negative reputation with RDC. Looking for solution for Overgrowth quest bug I found out that there was Druid attack on the city, which didn't even happen to me. As I left Workshop on my first visit on Sayuka all NPCs were gone, but no messenger or any hostiles around. I boarded the ship and got back to Sayuka and NPCs was back again, so didn't think it's much of a problem. Later I discovered I have 1 level of negative reputation with RDC and conversation with Okaya where she said "good, you left the city" makes sense now. 


I won't go back to that point in this playthrough but I think you should know that this could happen too (I visited Sayuka in search for Serafen's friend, before sent there by RDC - maybe that's the case).

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