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  1. Dear Obsidian Team, I just encountered a bug, while travelling on the world map on land on the Tikawara island. It happened right after I clicked on a location (Old Battleground) but I couldn't reproduce it after loading the most recent saved game. I will send the respective saved game via email, as it is too large for direct upload in the forum. I went on the route to the south west towards the Old Battleground there. Also the crash output, output log and my system specs are attached to this thread. Best, Panso output_log.zip
  2. Dear Obsidian Team, I noticed a bug connected to the combination of Weapon and Shield Style and Animal Form. The +6 reflex bonus from the talent still applies even when in animal form. It is not applied to deflection and also the additonal bonus from the shield that I wear out of animal form doesn't apply. I have sent the respective savegame before the bug happens in an email to bugs@obsidian.net referencing the title of this thread. I can't send a savegame after the bug happens as the bug occurs only in combat when in animal form, which doesn't allow the creation of a savegame. Best, Panso
  3. Hi again, I found the savegames but cannot send them because each is over 3.5 MB and the maximum is 0.5 MB. I checked the error again and it turned out more severe than I thought: The warrior ability of level 1 from my main character is actually missing, while the one of the druid is set to the one I chose at character creation. So only at level 2 I have the abilities that I chose at level one again. When I cancel leveling up directly after reskilling I have the two first level druid abilities (that one gets during character creation) and NO warrior ability. I was mistaken concerning Eder. Only my main seems to be affected. How should I proceed with sending you the savegame? Best, Panso
  4. Dear Obisidian Team, when I reskill multiclass characters, only one of the abilities from level 1 gets refunded, while the other one stays locked at the original level 1 choice. I tested this for my main (Druid/Warrior) for whom the first Druid ability (not the one automatically awarded from the subclass but the one I chose at level 1) stays locked and Eder (Warrior/Rogue) for whom the first Rogue ability stays locked. The ability is still available so that no ability points are lost but reskilling it is not possible. I would provide you with a savegame but my %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games folder is empty. Could you tell me where I can find my savegames? Best, Panso
  5. Also after finishing the quest I noticed that my reputation towards the Royal Deadfire Company is not affected at all, while it seems it should give a reputation boost.
  6. Greetings Obsidian Team, when the druids attack Sayuka at the beginning of the quest "Hunting Season" your reputation with the Royal Deadfire Company is negatively affected. This seems to be a bug. Sadly I overwrote my savegame directly prior to the bug occuring but I was able to reproduce it when it first occured and seemed to be clearly linked to the quest. (I retried the fight because I thought I probably injured some Rauataian soldier but the same negative reputation modification occured.) Best, Panso
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