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Computer abruptly shutting off during game.



This has happened to me a few times now and I thought it was worth me posting on the official forum.  There doesn't appear to be any hardware issues with my PC; I've taken it in to get checked along with doing numerous checks myself and the PC looks to be completely fine.


I saw that https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98991-computer-shuts-off-out-of-the-blue/ I'm not the only one who has experienced an issue like this.


I just wanted to make sure if what I'm experiencing is the same thing and if there is a planned fix going in for to resolve this?


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Shutting down when playing does sound like overheating issue with GPU, CPU or PSU...even though you say it is not those it does sound like that sort of problem. If was just driver issue or corrupt files etc it would more likely stutter, freeze, crash to desktop or blue screen rather than shut the computer down completely. Unity games have long had a problem with GPU usage, wherein sometimes you have to manually limit the framerate to reduce the GPU load else can overheat plus also have to make sure Vsync is working correctly. Set the framerate to 60 for example and will notice a decrease in temps or set to 30 and will notice a substantial drop in temperatures. Now I could be wrong but I'm just saying from my experience does sound like an overheating issue and also based on my experience with Unity games it could be because the framerate is not being set to a capped amount, uncapped leads to excessive load on the GPU which is a issue Unity engine games have long been known to have.

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You still might want to monitor your core and GPU temperatures. I had the very same issue, not with this game, but in general and it turned out that my CPU fan wasn't up to the job.

Yes actually just finished doing some stress testing while monitoring core temps yesterday. Hits 90c after about a minute at 100% load so definitely overheating. First time I have actually had this issue. have some high quality paste on the way so I can re-seat the cpu fan/sync, which most likely will take care of the issue.

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