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So far i made an nice war machine party. But one member is underperforming in this party. This is my healer.


I build a party on the 2 Melee/ Tank , 1 healer and 2 ranged dps. For the healer i made Paladin Priest. Focussed on healing. But during my play true i found out that she basicly did nothing because there is nothing to heal. She was a decent 3th tank if i needed it, but despite the reasonable perception and dexterity her War bow dps was very mid core at best. Here priest buffs where nice but nothing more.


I am a looking for a build that can heal if i need it, but has more ranged dps and good ranged burst dps. Needs to have some survivability when acting as 3th tank. As she will stand in the middle of the party, aura's or chants are a big plus. So far i am thinking about hybrid of chanter, druid, pries or paladin. Where the paladin/ priest (Eothas) combo is to unattractive with the current difficulty settings. Can you give me some ideas and inspiration which classes or hybrids are better suited for this role?

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A Priest of Wael gets a quite nice Rod as a Spiritual Weapon and has some of the Wizard's defensive self-buffs on their deity-specific spell list.  Quite tanky against anything targeting DEF or REF.  Can work single-classed as-such, but it multiclasses well, as all the key stuff is in the first 3 or 4 Power Levels. 


If there isn't already a Chanter in the party, Wael/Troubadour would be my first choice. 


For less defense and buffing, but better healing and more offense, a single-classed Druid is lovely. 

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