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Having played through several play through of Pillars of Eternity 2, something has bugged me every game, the wizard spell list is way too short. Also the list of available damage types in some levels is too limited, making it harder than it should be to kill some things with spells not to mention that some levels offer no spells of a specialization.


I would like to see addition of more damage types for spells. The level 2 evocation spells for example are 2 fire spells. Some of the early mobs you encounter are golems which are basically completely immune to fire making it pointless to cast anything aside than level 1 basic spells.


Furthermore, the summon weapon spells should be reworked. It would be much better if once summoned, they reduced by 1 the amount of level 2 spells per encounter but the weapons remained materialized until you rested instead. This would make the weapon summoning skills much more viable and be a lot more flavorful thematically than it is now where you have to use the long cast to summon them into existence.

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Rare grimoires add additional spells like Ninagauth's Shadow Flame (ice damage + paralyse). There are at least two grimoires with direct damage spells from levels 2-4 and even 7, dealing raw/corrosive/ice damage and bonus effects. Concelhaut's and Ninagauth's unique spells.


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