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  1. Having played through several play through of Pillars of Eternity 2, something has bugged me every game, the wizard spell list is way too short. Also the list of available damage types in some levels is too limited, making it harder than it should be to kill some things with spells not to mention that some levels offer no spells of a specialization. I would like to see addition of more damage types for spells. The level 2 evocation spells for example are 2 fire spells. Some of the early mobs you encounter are golems which are basically completely immune to fire making it pointless to cast
  2. I stumbled upon this "Missing string 66" in Syauka. https://imgur.com/a/d9dsAGL
  3. Since the game has been released, every time there is a boarding fight from a naval battle, as soon as the fight starts the main character takes a heavy beating from arquebuss, making it pretty much impossible to stay alive. Is there any way this could get toned down? I mean, I can stay alive if I build a tank with heavy armor and large shields but thats a pretty narrow gap for building in early game. Its basically impossible to survive all the arquebuss shots that come in all aimed at the main character. Could you reduce the amount of pirates at lower levels or give them different we
  4. This game has different tactics and difficulties you may encounter when doing certain things. For exemple, if your party doesn't have a very high DPS (Barbarians, crit rogues), things like ogres will be difficult because they hit extremely hard, even when disabled.. On the other hand, if you go with more DPS, you will breeze through ogres but will face difficulties when encountering large amount of monsters coupled with casters. The difficulty you encouter will basically vary based on your party composition. For the warden's bounties, I couldn't complete any of them until I reache
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