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So not exactly the  the best bow in the game, however I just noticed that Aamiina's legacy gains an additional bonus for Dwarfs.

Is this going to be a new thing for Pillars games?


I don't see why not. There's some foods that give additional bonuses to certain classes, too. I'm fine with it.

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Class is different. You kind of know what to expect. Giving added focus generation to a barbarian wouldn't make sense.

Race only kind of worked in BG where you expect some shields to be for dwarves defender but really that's a sub-class as well. Not race.

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This is a fringe case, and an acceptable one in my opinion. It gives a bonus but not one that's overwhelmingly better. It's just meant as a shout out to Sagani-type characters. I like it. It helps cement a PoE spin on a familiar archetype.


But I wouldn't expect to see a lot of other race restricted items. Maybe none.

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