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What did you think of the story?

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I'm very disappointed we got no follow up on Woden. Eder was depressed that there is zero way to find out what Eothas said to him and when he meets him face to face...nothing.


I wish they can reworked Ukaizo quest.


This. This was genuinely one of those things I was looking forward to.


We used to joke around with my brother that if Woden makes it in in some form, he should be voiced by Troy Baker. Him and Matt Mercer are soundalikes.


Alas. :(

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To be honest, the main story is very lacking; near non-existent. It can be taken out all together and we would missed nothing.


IMHO, the Watcher waking up after Eothas is done throwing tantrums Kylo Ren style and having to deal with the aftermath and to discover the extend of damages done would make for a more interesting adventure.


The factions... they are pretty shallow and uninteresting. Just pick up some history book and read about the age of colonization and yeah, that is about it. Huana with a caste system and the Companies trying to exploit their lands.... hmmm.... familiar, no? 

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