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Are those 3 DLCs story set before or after ending?

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They MIGHT be after the endgame, at this point we realyl can't say, but I'm not betting any money on it.  The way the game currently ends doesn't really allow for roaming the Deadfire after Eothas does his thing.

Actually I kind of hope:


1) Eothas is trickster god, he lie to you about the true goal of wheel destruction, therefore the story continue




2) Eothas plan does not go well, unpredictable result show up and the story continue

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I'm 99% sure it's going to be like the first game. Just added locations/transitions with overarching themes/narratives/quests incorporated into the existing map that must be visited/completed before sailing off to Ondra's Mortar.

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Ugh I’m really hoping they are set after the main game... I find it SO freakin annoying when I finish my second or third play through and then get informed that the dlc I’ve paid for is actually meant to be played *mid* game.


I’m fairly picky about replaying rpgs, and there are very few that I’ll replay more than 2-3 times. DOS2, DAO, and ME 1&2 are pretty much it in fact. Maybe the earlier fallout games, though not to the same extent. I digress, point is, as much as I love this franchise, I’ll be hard pressed to avoid wishing for a dlc refund if we’re expected to play the game an extra 3-4 times just to experience the dlc in context. ☹️


Guess I’ll be holding off playing for a few more months *sigh*. At least the bugs should be fixed by then?!

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I'm holding out hope for Beast of Winter as well: It seems fitting for Rymrgand to interfere with the reparation of the wheel, as it would mean fulfilling his function to end all things, similar to Eothas "rebirthing" the rebirth system.


As for the other DLC, there is that one large island on the map that's conspicuously empty :rolleyes: .

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