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Maia's quest bug in ending slides



In "The Courier's Calling" quest after convincing Tuaha in Port Maje to take the missive without dealing with her stalker it is said later that she leaves due to complications in her mission. Yet in the ending slides it is shown that she still assassinated both governor Clario and Huana village's leader.

Here's a save file just before the ending slides:



Also, if the player simply attacks Tuaha, nearby Dawnstars shout that she's one of their own and turn hostile.

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Posted July 29, 2019

Just thought I'd let folks know that I've just released a mod that fixes this issue.

Port Maje Ending Slides Fix:


Holy sh*t, I just about to restart the whole campaign for a 3rd time after many playthroughs but thanks to Qwinn123 I manage to fix this dam "bug" (I know it's not a bug, still, why design quest like this?).

But seriously, GODDAMM!, why do I need a mod to fix this?! 

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