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1.02 bug: enemy still standing after combat





I have defeated the enemies in the world map encounter northeast of the temple Teo Ramunga.

I defeated all enemies and then combat ended as it should be.

But one of the enemies is still shown standing after combat. He is dead, I could loot him and there are no other problems except his look.

I think it was an enemy druid who was spiritshifted when I killed him, but I am not 100% sure.

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oh, would that it be only the case that the animation was stuck on standing.

half the time I do combats, at least one enemy remains not only unattackable after killing it, but continues to attack me for several rounds.

this most often occurs when I take an enemy out with a single hit in the first round of combat.  it's like the game skips over actually KILLING them.

it's gotten hugely irritating.  sometimes fixed by completely exiting the game and reloading. 

I saw the same exact bug in the release version of PoE 1.

you'd think they would have remembered, and not repeated the same mistake.


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