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Xioti's banter incongruent with companion-quest


Even after the player has finished Xiot's companion-quest, resulting in her not having any nightmares anymore, her banter with the other companions still plays out as if she still had nightmares, referencing them regularly. I'm only certain of some banter with Serafen, but I'm pretty sure that there is some with other companions as well. The bug was encountered with the day 1 build of the game, but since none of the patchnotes addressed this, it's probably still there.

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Hello Dialekktik and well met!


Welcome to the forums and thank you for bringing this to our attention! We'll get a bug written up in our database so it can be looked at.



Yes, I've seen it too. She shouldn't have any nightmares related banter after you help her empty her lantern and yet it's there and quite frequent.


I think this is also related to another bug - her quest spoils the main plot twist if done earlier than Ashen Maw. So perhaps a better fix is to, first and foremost, make her quest about emptying the lantern to trigger only after the Ashen Maw. And only after completing that lock the nightmares banter if the lantern was emptied.

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