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So I've made a Battlemage (Fighter/Wizard) and I love it. The wizard side is almost exclusively there for the buffs - mostly, I just have my character spam the buffs at the beginning of combat, since they can be cast instantly, and then move in to fight. It works really well.


What I'd like to do is program the AI to do that for me at the start of combat, since it's a bit cumbersome to shift-click through all of my buffs at the start of every combat. The problem is that nothing I try quite works out. If there were an "On Combat Start" option it would be perfect, but since there isn't, I tried some creative workarounds.


What I've got right now is an action set that checks Self: Has Inspiration - Constitution = NOT. It then has a list of all of my buffs, ending with the one that gives a Constitution Inspiration, the logic being that once it makes it through the buff list and hits the end, the check to buff again immediately will come back false. The problem is that, instead of working his way through the list, my character casts each buff as many times as he has spell slots for that level, then moves on to the next and continues until he's totally out of those spells.


For example, my list has Ironskin, Bulwark Against the Elements, Spirit Shield, and Infuse With Vital Essence. Instead of casting each once, he casts Ironskin twice, then Bulwark twice, then Spirit shield twice, and then finally Infuse, which is both unhelpful and wasteful.


So my question is this: is there a way around that? I've tried using an Action Set Delay, but then he just casts the first buff and moves on to other actions. Alternatively, is there a better way to program that? As I said, my goal now is to have my character start every combat with a series of instant-cast buffs and then move on, without spamming the buffs as many times as he can.



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It looks to me that you have grouped all the starting buffs together and then you are placing a cooldown on that group. This way the cooldown is for the entire group, not for each command separately. Can you confirm that this is the case? I would program each starting buff separately so that it can have its own cooldown.

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