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Whole Party Management While on Ship

party management party inventory

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Hi there,


I just thought it would be nice if we could have better party management while on the ship. As it is right now, we can only manage inventory and view character record of the members in the party just before entering the ship, even though in theory we're traveling with the entire crew while on the ship.


When I wanted to swapped equipment around, it was rather inconvenient cause I couldn't remember exactly who was having what, and needed to swapped members in and out of party. So I thought it'd be pretty neat if we have a list of all party members which offers access to every one of them. By "access" I mean the ability to manage their inventory and equipment, view character record, as well as the ability to edit prepared chants, view their spells/abilities, and so on. I believe this would be a really nice feature because it allows us to prepare the party better in case we board enemy ship (or the other way around) and on-deck combat happens.


Another thing, which is minor, is that if we rest while on the ship, I think either the ship should offer some unique effects, or we should be able to assign food to all party members, not just the ones in party before entering the ship.

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You can change party members while on the ship. Though this tended to cause a lot of crashes in my game. I preferred changing party members in the tavern.



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It probably would be ideal if the game treasted all characters as being in one party while on the ship, at least while in menus... not sure if the systems would even allow that, though. In PoE1 you at least could change members at any time while being in Caed Nua.

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