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POE1 save file location



Hi all,


POE2 does not locate my save files from POE1.  Where does it expect them to be so that I can move them there?  Or is there a way to point POE2 to the proper location on my computer.




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Here you go

Windows %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity\

macOS ~/Library/Application Support/Pillars of Eternity/Saved Games/

Linux $XDG_DATA_HOME/PillarsOfEternity/SavedGames/


Taken from pcgamingwiki


I'll add its super annoying not being able to skip that intro bit where you are walking towards the adra I've plodded through it way too many times trying to fix kinks get save files recognised or change character and experiment with the history creator.

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