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Class:  Street Fighter/Troubadour


Race:  Human or Fire Godlike


Background:  Aedyr - Hunter


DIfficulty:  PotD


Solo:  No




This build using key gear, Persistent Distraction, and Chanter phrases simultaneously boosts the player's defenses and Armor Rating as they take damage in order to stay in the Bloodied state (required by Street Fighter) with relative safety.  Simultaneously it focuses on doing most of its damage via DoTs so you can hit an enemy once, and watch it die while you focus on the next enemy.  You have one CC, a couple of buffs, and a great deal of debuffing in your Phrases.  All enemies Engaged with this Tank do less damage, and because Persistent Distraction lowers Perception they are Distracted and Flanked for Sneak Attack damage.  Combined with Phrase The Long Night's Drink which lowers their Con by 5, might by 2, and reduces healing by 50% the enemies die easily, and they do very little damage as a fight wears on.  Late game Rogue ability costs mean nothing with the Brilliant Inspiration.  So, you can spam away, and do so very quickly while flanked and/or Bloodied. 


Starting Attributes:


Might:  10-12


Constitution:  10-12


Dexterity:  10


Perception:  16


Intellect:  17


Resolve:  10


These are where I have the attributes set, but you could lose some Perception for Constitution or what have you.  Using Blunderbuss modal made early game build whiff too much for my liking. 


Abilities by Level: 


  1. Hel-Hyraf, Dull the Edge, and Crippling Strike
  2. Escape
  3. Arms Bearer
  4. Killer's Froze Stiff, Blinding Strike
  5. Weapon and Shield
  6. Dirty Fighting
  7. The Shield Cracks, Riposte
  8. Ancient Memory
  9. Strike the Bell
  10. Silver Knight's Shields, Persistent Distraction
  11. The Long Night's Drink
  12. Confounding Blind
  13. Deep Wounds, Seven nights
  14. Ring the Bell
  15. The Bride Caught Their Ruse
  16. Imp. Critical, Her Courage Thick as Steel
  17. The Bride Slew
  18. Each Kill fed his Fury (this and The Bride Slew can be swapped for Reny Darret's Voice for a Fear debuff)
  19. Set to Their Purpose, and Deathblows
  20. This doesn't matter, but I went with Accurate Empower for Rogue abilities.

Weapon Proficiency in order of priority;




Shield (I went with Medium)





Primary Gear is


Stalker's Presence (Spear found in Sayuka)

Reckless Brigandine (Early on Blood Links works pretty well)

Entonia Signet Ring

The Undying Burder (belt)

Nerian's Ward (Medium Shield)

Death's Maw (good early and can be swapped out later in the game)

Sasha's Singing Sabre





After this grab good versions of some of the other weapons you are proficient in.


Early on you want a Spear and either a blunt or Slash weapon equipped along with a Blunderbuss for an opening volley with its modal on.


Combat Skills:


Alchemy (this is your primary Skill)

Stealth (this is your secondary, and will be prioritized later in game)

Athletics (just a point or two because if you go too much higher it will bring you out of bloodied state)




Spear Modal + Shield + Persistent Distraction + The Silver Knight's Shields = a lot of Engagement.  Persistant Distraction causes enemies to be Distracted thus gaining -5 Perception and the Flanked affliction.  The Long Night's Drink add Weakened to enemies (-5 con and -50% healing recieved) and it adds -2 Might.  These 2 are your Bread and butter Phrases from level 11 on. 


Ring the Bell, Stalker's Presence, and Deep Wounds = a lot of DoT damage being applied to your target.  They melt fast if RtB lands. 


Seven Nights is just a mob clearer for bigger fights, and since it is a pbAoE it gets anyone you're engaged with.


Flail Modal + Seven Nights for more stout targets.


Club Modal to help ensure Killers Froze Stiff lands on crucial targets.


Modwyr for fun.


Scout the enemies to ensure you have the best weapons in your arsenal equipped.


Reckless Brigandine + Nerian's Ward + Undying Burden + Entonia Signet Ring all either increase damage and/or saves and AR as you become more injured.  This makes sitting in the Bloodied pocket easier.  Use Second Wind and switch to a Chant including Ancient Memory or Old Siec to keep you close to the ceiling of Bloodied so that you don't get gibbed.  You don't want to rely on healing from Priests, Druids, etc because they usually over heal you. 


Targets with high Deflection get Confounding Blind or Hel-Hyraf in order to bring them down.  If you land Confounding Blind then attack with one of your ranged as well to ensure you stack the Deflection Debuff and they will melt.


Early game, you leave Brisk Recitation on since you only have 1 phrase.  When you get Ancient Memory you can start to swap it on and off.  Then when you get to level 11 you tend to leave BR off in order to maintain 2 buffs at all times.


If targets are immune to Weaken then have a Chant Ready for Dull the Edge/Her Courage Thick as Steel + The Silver Knight's Shield.


The idea is maximum Engage + debuffs.  Use Buffs to start combat, CC's debuffs to help reduce incoming damage, and use Seven Nights/Rogue DoT's to clean up.  Swap to Sasha's Singing Sabre (if equipped) for an Empowered Seven Nights.  This will let you follow up with another Chant, or get your started back to casting Set to Their Purpose again. 


Set to Their Purpose is your OP way of ensuring everyone is Blinded or has Ring the Bell DoT applied to them.  It's the gift that keeps on giving. 

Riposte is there because if you aren't Bloodied/Flanked you have the chance of tossing out some damage with your slow Street Fighter recovery times.  Some of the smaller fights it can be hard to get Heating Up going. 


If you want to do more damage go Human, and if you want to counter how squishy early game can be then go Fire Godlike. 

Chants in late game:


  1. Ancient Memory and Her Courage Thick as Steel. 
  2. The Long Night's Drink and The Silver Knight's Shield
  3. The Silver Knight's Shield and Her Courage Thick as Steel.
  4. Ancient Memory and The Silver Knight's Shield.

You won't use Dull the Edge once you get the other 4 Chants.  At least I didn't.  Use 1 or 4 to build health back up.  Use 2 and 3 to Debuff.  So, you tend to slowly switch back and forth between these depending on the situation. 




Easy Deathblows later game.  This combined with Deep Wounds, Stalker's Patience, and Ring the Bell means you just have to hit once or twice on a target. 


Fair CC/heal support


Solid Tank/DPS late game.




Street Fighter attack speed penalty when you can't get bloodied or flanked.


Somewhat Squishy early on.


Blunderbuss modal turns off when you weapon swap.  So, at the beginning of combat make sure it is on. 




That's the thrust of the build.  It is really fun, and late game an absolute wrecking ball.  Early on it may require babysitting a bit.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I have. 

EDIT:  Alchemy is predominantly for poisons and buffs, but also for big heals if needed in a boss fight or a fight with a ton of enemies.  Stealth increases Stalker's Presence DoT, and that is why you toss some late game points in there. 


EDIT:  This is an update for version 1.1 where Brilliant has been removed thus making Set to Their Purpose not desirable.  The only real difference is in talent selection on the Chanter side of things.  Replace The Bride Caught Their Ruse and Her courage at levels 15 and 16 with Reny Daret's Ghost spake and Ben Fidel's neck was exposed.  Replace Set to their Purpose at level 19 with Her Tears Fell Like Rain or one of the Empower Upgrades. 

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I will put this into the build list, right? It needs a short descriptor though. :)


Edit: put in in - waiting for a short description...  :yes:

Edited by Boeroer
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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I will put this into the build list, right? It needs a short descriptor though. :)


Edit: put in in - waiting for a short description...  :yes:


Yes, please.  I updated the post.  I hope that is clear enough.  I am still waking up.  lol

Thanks Boeroer.

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Hehe - I meant that I already put it into the list. It wasn't meant as an order. ;)


Thanks for the description. I'll just extract a short version for the build list from it.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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You could grab a summon or the charm invocation instead of Reny Daret, and swap alchemy with arcane or explosives for some AoE. Arcane will be more versatile with buffs and heals. So id look at it. You could swap something like The Shield Cracks upgrade for Deep Pockets so that you can have 6 quick slots for summons and scrolls.


This will make it easier for you to put some bodies in the field to help offset your incoming damage.


The bonus to 1.1 update is that you can spam crippling strike for that extra 25% damage while using Persistent Distraction and The Long Drink to get sneak attack. This will save you on Guile vs using Blind and Ring the Bell.


Staying bloodied shouldn't be difficult solo, but staying alive could be an issue. You dont have any big heals when things start critting. Maybe if you go arcane for some heals.


Other than that, I am unsure. The build was definitively built for an offtank, and I don't do solo runs so I am unsure about what needs to be changed. Also, Engagement is less useful in a solo environment I would say. Sure, you get to debuff when engaged, but nothing will break engagement for those nice chunky engagement breaking hits.


Things you absolutely need to make the build work are Persistent Distraction, Long Night's Drink, weapons/shields to increase engagement, Seven Nights (this is the best damage invocation chanters get and it hits hard and it's pbAoE which is great when you're surrounded), Silver Knight's Shield for +1 Engage and +10 Deflect, death blows, and deep wounds. Other than that you could drop some things for more summons, charm, and deep pockets.


You might want a weapon set for Sasha's Sabre so you can spam a couple invocations each fight. Empower charm then cast killers froze to clean up what resisted the charm. Empowered Seven Nights is scary.


That's about all I can say. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you do well in solo. Let me know how things go.

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