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[Error] Rekke mentioned in Event without even having recruited him


During the encounter with the Eotans on the Island with the Sandswept ruins (SW map), I selected the options "The other eotans hid food from you" (paraprhrased, passed check successfully) and "my friends saw it!" (I think it was the third option. Failed that check).

Now the mistake. The text says: "Rekke stares at you blankly. After a few long, silent moments, his eyes widen, and he slowly shakes his head."

I haven't even met Rekke yet.

My current party members are (in that order): Aloth, Pallegina, Mira and Tekēhu.

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Hi Jazhara7,


Ill get this bugged up if it hasnt already. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!



I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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