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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, Found it impossible to pass solo Barbarian PoTD - Caed Nua main hall cause of Spectre stunlock. Tried every build there may be. Reached level 5 - the maximum I could do through game content till Caed Nua. http://imgur.com/UM35sq0 As you can see there is almost maximum constitution and freeze damage reduction. Still Spectre stunlock and there is no way to deal with it. I've tried to raise deflection to 90 with small shield (+mastery), but it's the same stunlock. One handed mastery to hit them (they have Def.:71) - Animat from Bronze Horn Figurine dies after 10 seconds. - Fireball trap just tickles spectres. - Can't use scrolls, cause of stunlock. - Food applied. - Potions of Wizard Double / Mirrored Image almost useless too. - Potion of Bulwark Against the Elements just prolongs this suffering a bit. I've done this in v3.05.1186 with wizard (The Ultimate) and rogue... can't make it with barbarian though. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Perebor/ I can't find info regarding status "Stunned" - is it fortitude or will saveroll? Have anyone done this on these settings? (PoTD solo Barbarian) Any tips?
  2. I know this game isn't balanced around solo play but I have played solo in every other crpg out there but never encountered this kind of thing. How am I supposed to beat Xuarip skirmishers? They always seem to hit, always paralyze on hit, refresh paralysis duration on hit and there seem to be no diminishing returns of any kind. It seems ridiculously overpowered. I have a wizard, I cast arcane veil and mirror image before it hits me, I cast curse of blindness on it and still I always get permanently paralyzed. Is a priest a must-have? Is there no other way for me to beat this thing? Can't you balance it a little for solo without affecting group play? For example by having a "lone wolf" talent, active only when you are alone, that raises your resistances to these ridiculously overpowered CC when one does not have a priest around?
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