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Found 5 results

  1. Ok I’ll give as much detail as possible as I love this game so far and would love to see it succeed. platform - Xbox one console type - original Xbox one download type - gamepass download difficulty - mild and medium 1) missing raw science (pink floating orbs) - this is missing from 3 of 3 games I’ve started since 7-28 release. I’ve started game types solo on 7-28-20 (2 games with max and ally) both games progressed past current story line after meeting burg.l and never seen the orbs. The 3rd game I started on 7-29-20 was a multiplayer game and had the raw science orb s for the first day of play up to the point the game crashed and had to be reloaded. Once reloaded no more raw science could be located in the known spots. 2) Burg.L missing - this occurred in the ally game started on 7-28-20 which has progressed past the initial story and been saved and loaded over a dozen times and just randomly disappeared though he may have been attacked once prior to disappearing in this game. In the 2nd game started on 7-29-20 which was a multiplayer the game was saved at burg.l’s location in the lab (after completing the initial story) and then reloaded on 7-30-20 and burg.l was missing at the time of reload. The 3rd game which was the first game ever started on the console on 7-28-20 which was a solo play still has burg.l currently even after saving and reloading over a dozen times. both of these are pretty game breaking and while I know the burg.l missing is a concern being investigated I hope the details help with investigation and the raw science may be investigated as well.
  2. I’m looking for a blog or extremely amateur YouTube channel that covers future tech every week or so. I like Isaac Arthur but he covers broad ideas and I’m looking for more specific click-baity ideas. The blog doesn’t have to be in English. I can just copy and paste into Google translate.
  3. Which would be the hardest for a scientist to do? You can pick more than one but not too many. Yes I know that anything is possible in sci-fi but I’m asking from an in-universe point of view 1.) Synthesis of Graphyne Graphyne - Wikipedia 2. Lithium-silicone battery https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lithium–silicon_battery 3. Stranglet bombs- They release strange matter, convert normal matter to strange matter and make a huge explosion 4.) Stellification- Make a gas giant into a Star 5.) Gluonic string- Stable string of gluons held together by the strong force. Used to build megastructures 6.) Neural nanonics- Neural nanobots that can fix mental illness or increase intelligence. 7.) Magnetic monopole drive- Space propulsion with energy from magnetic monopoles 8.) Thought recognition- Computer activated by owners thought. 9.) Water synthesizer- Machine that makes water from scratch 10.) Grow a Brain- Grow a sentient brain from scratch 11.) Overclockwork neurons- Supercharged neurons allowing for higher thought 12.) Memory milk- Milk that can improve memory. 13.) Brain capacity test- Replacement for IQ test 14.) Supercapattery- Mixture of battery and supercapicitor 15.) Sunline- Band around a star that directs sunlight to planets not in a stars habitable zone. 16.) Electronic skin- Something you can wear to help land a starship with your hands and mind 17.) Super-serum- Something to make you become the perfect soldier 18.) FTL Gullitoine- Faster than Light Weapon that can cut a planet in half. 19.) Digital world- Something you can put yourself in with an avatar in a computer world for the ultimate video game. 20.) Micro-Black hole creation- For power or the ultimate computer. 21.) Genetically engineer humans or aliens to need less oxygen 22.) Optography- Retrieving Images from a cadavers eye 23.) Synthesized fitness- Elysian like coffin shaped machine that can give you exercise without physical exerting yourself. 24.) Cortical modem- Put Images in a persons brain 25.) Hypercapacitor- Supercharged supercapacitor 26.) Artificial magnetosphere 27.) Self-repairing alloy 28.) Nucleon chemistry- Chemistry at the quark level 29.) XNA therapy- Artificial DNA therapy 30.) Atmosphere bubble tent- To be used in emergencies to survive on planet with no atmosphere 31.) Brain graft- Grafting foreign brain tissue onto other brain. 32.) Upload fake memories into brain 33.) Memory regeneration- Retrieve old memories in brain 34.) Planetary motor- Giant device that can change a planets spin. 35.) Artificial gyrification- Artificial Neural stem cells which cause brain to develop more folds and increase intelligence. 36.) Travel to spinning Black hole for time travel 37.) Mind control (through technological means) 38.) Unified field theory- Theory combining all the forces of nature (except the Force of course) 39.) Scramjet- They probably have this. Idk why I included it but https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scramjet 40.) Destroying a Black hole 41.) Claytronics- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Claytronics
  4. I’m looking for a site or a blog that is futurist/sci fi based and does a “Future Science or Technology of the Week” feature, where they postulate a future science concept or invention and then briefly talk about it. I watch Isaac Arthur every Thursday but I’m looking to supplement it with something less broad. It would be like “Future Technology 1-Jetpack”. Something simple like that. Amateur blogs and sites are extremely welcome. The more obscure the better; but I am looking for highly creative ideas as well.
  5. This is a very interesting article, and makes me curious to watch The Ascent of Man. This paragraph in particular states something that I am always trying to get across in our numerous science versus faith discussions, and does so more eloquently than I tend to manage:
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